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3rd Annual Bowling For Ronnie
The 3rd Annual Bowling For Ronnie was one more time a complete success raising another twenty five thousand dollars for the Stand Up & Shout Foundation, that is committed to find an early detection of stomach cancer, cause that led Ronnie James Dio to pass away in 2010.
This year several rockstars like Sebastian Bach, Steven Adler, Tom Morello, Jeff Scott Soto, Ahmet and Diva Zappa, members of Scorpions, Black Star Raiders, Heaven & Earth, Machine Head, and many more, reunited to play bowling, raise money and help others.
This year the team under the name Son's of Apollo, which included Jeff Scott Soto, Westfield Massacre’s Ira Black, Keel’s Marc Ferrari and Cinderella's Fredy Coury, contributing to the high scores, winning the tournament like did it on 2016.
Wendy Dio announced that there will be a new Bowling For Ronnie chapter on the East Coast starting on 2018.
In this video coverage you will hear some amazing stories from Sebastian Bach, Phil Demmel from Machine Head, Stu Smith and Joe Retta from Heaven & Earth and Ricky Warwick and Robbie Crane, where all agreed on this: Ronnie Dio was the most loved artist in the metal scene.

By Lucas H. Gordon
Video interview 

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